What we do

We support change programs and transformations. We modernize and digitalize people operations and leadership. We connect people analytics with business value.

Change & HR Consulting

A one-stop-shop for any people-, engagement- culture-, leadership-, HR development needs in business.

Agile Transformations

People centric and inclusive change program design. Agile/LEAN for managers, boards and HR.

Digital services & technology

Digitalize your people-, management- and talent practices with support for behavioral change.

HR Service Design

Lean HR and Agile HR. People services designed for engagement, great user experience and business impact.

People Analytics

Combine workforce, leadership, talent, employee surveys and -lifecycle analytics with business metrics.

Training & Facilitation

Activating program design, engaging training and facilitation. International network of trainers and professionals.

Meet us

Fuelled by passion, vast expertise and a will to succeed together with you.

Pauli Dahlbom

Pauli Dahlbom FOUNDER - Director Analytics and Business Development

A trustworthy, smart guy who understands HR, who is a very good listener, likes numbers and prefers logical, rational thinking connected to business operations is exactly what HR needs.

I’m here to keep you business relevant, to dig into your metrics and to bring in analytics.

Mobile +358 50 407 4580

Henna Niiranen

Henna Niiranen ASSOCIATE - Digital marketing and modern internal communications

I’m a marketer of the digital era, with strong project management skills and energetic drive. I believe one cannot actually separate internal communications and marketing – at the end, they serve the same purpose. It’s all about delivering inspiring and impactful messages in correct channels at the right time.

I’m here to help you building modern communications and marketing, to support the growth of your organisation.

Mobile +358 50 486 0775

Riina Hellström


The art of being a great people and change professional includes a lot of practice, successes, fails, knowledge, smiles, sweat, tears, laughter, theory, self-discipline, self-control, energy and trust.

I’m here to do magic with your people operations and help you grow healthy organizations.

Mobile +358 40 772 3111

Natal Dank


A future HR visionary. Coaching people and organisations to move beyond traditional ‘best practice’ and embrace an Agile mindset to revolutionise their results, delight their people and meet the demands the modern market place.

I’m here to help you gain competitive advantage through the talent of your people

Mobile : +44 7 562 592 843

Janne Uggeldahl

Janne Uggeldahl Architect - Digital transformations and business development

I’m a business development architect with a passion in agile methodologies, learning and tech. I find myself best at home at the intersection of technology and customers, where one has to understand both end-customer needs and possibilities of technology in order to create first class customer experiences.

I’m here to help with your learning, on-boarding and agile transformation needs.

Mobile +358 500 354907

Juho Toivola

Juho Toivola ASSOCIATE - Digital recruitment and people assessments

I’m a work psychologist of the digital age, with a strategic mindset and passion for tech. My expertise is the scientific discipline of quantifying, measuring and evaluating aspects of human behavior.

I’m here to evaluate methods for recruitment, selection, development and performance.

Mobile +358 50 506 6362

Our Work

We’re like an architect with the experience of a hands-on craftsman and with the network of the local hardware store owner. We can tweak what you already have or design totally new.


Recruitment process redesign at Musti and Mirri

Business Development, Recruitment and selection

CEO recruitment

Recruitment and selection

Advisor People & Culture for Board/CEO

HR & employment law

HR team development

Agile HR and Lean HR

HR process development

Agile HR and Lean HR, Business Development

Internal communications renewal

Change Programs

YLE Digital Strategy 2016-2018

Business Development

Sales Management Development

Business Development

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Relationships make you successful, technology makes you productive. Big challenges require big ideas, which cannot be reached alone. We work seamlessly with our network of trusted technology partners and solution providers to bring success and productivity your way.

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