Meet Peoplegeeks: Pauli Dahlbom

Hi There!

My name is Pauli Dahlbom and I’m the Co-Founder and Director of analytics at People Geeks Ltd Oy.

Before starting my own company, I worked as a development consultant mainly designing and implementing custom measurement and diagnostic practices into organizations and developing bespoke development programs based on the insights. In my master’s thesis I conducted a qualitative study about the state of people analytics practices within the context of 9 large Finnish organizations. Considering my background, it is quite obvious that I do like numbers and have preference towards logical, rational thinking. My passion is to apply the logic and rationale between business goals and people practices with the help of insights from data and analytics.

So a guy who likes numbers and logical frameworks, yet he also feels passionate about HR. How on earth is that profile possible?

I do find myself a very curious person, who likes to keep up with all kinds of technological advancements, global economy and trends, spending time reflecting about different future scenarios and the future of work. The currently occurring fast advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics and intelligent technologies, digitalization and network economy, for instance, imply huge changes on how work gets done and how companies can build competitive edge in the future.

Where and how is the organization’s value ultimately created today & tomorrow – how do we ensure we have the key talent in place for those roles? What activities should we seek to automate or augment with data and analytics? Could traditional companies become market places themselves by mostly replacing them by apps or platforms, similar like Uber and Airbnb? What are our options after the industrial age centralized management structures become unfit for the new world of work? Or what would it take to replace managers with algorithms – without it becoming Taylorism 2.0? (Yes – there are companies already doing that!). Could we offer leadership as a service enhanced with cognitive computing?

With so many opportunities to radically improve and redesign the future of work, I find it very compelling to work within the HR space of business development. I believe it is essential to adopt an outside in perspective into HR, so that instead of reacting into changes from outside we’re able to proactively build a healthy future of work. I cannot make this change happen by myself, and that’s why I prefer collaborating with my network of partners. Are you in for a challenge?


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