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Recruitment event summary and afterthoughts

In May we hosted an event together with IBM Finland called the Future of Recruitment. We had the pleasure to welcome the brightest recruitment masterminds and thought leaders to IBM headquarters to hear about the latest trends disrupting perhaps the traditional field of recruiting. What do you do when you have four brilliant keynote speakers available? You give them the stage, step aside and let them do their magic 🙂

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Pauli interviewed by SCS about modern HR

We Peoplegeeks enjoy modernizing HR processes and making them relevant again from a business perspective. Companies around the world ask us what are the easiest steps (“quick wins”) to get started with people analytics. We love working closely with our customers like an architect, identifying best possibilities and pairing up with top partners to deliver exceptional value. Sometimes companies far away are so curious on what we’re doing in modern HR that they send us questions to answer, how cool is that?!

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Rekrytoinnin tulevaisuus -tilaisuutemme kirvoitti useita kysymyksiä teiltä, kiitos siitä! Ajanpuutteen vuoksi emme ehtineet tilaisuudessa jokaiseen kysymykseen vastaamaan, joten alta löydät kerätyt kysymykset asiantuntijavastauksineen.

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