Recruitment event summary and afterthoughts

In May we hosted an event together with IBM Finland called the Future of Recruitment. We had the pleasure to welcome the brightest recruitment masterminds and thought leaders to IBM headquarters to hear about the latest trends disrupting perhaps the traditional field of recruiting. What do you do when you have four brilliant keynote speakers available? You give them the stage, step aside and let them do their magic 🙂

Our recruitment revolutionist, Juho Toivola from Elisa, kicked off the event by challenging, provoking and busting existing recruitment standards and processes. Juho introduced a four-pillar model about megatrends shaping the field of modern recruitment. He wrapped up his theory by presenting real life examples of recruitment process pitfalls, such as linguistic barriers.

A common problem in Finland is that expert level hires are expected to know Finnish, so the local market is saturated with brilliant individuals, who don’t speak Finnish. According to Juho, these “low-hanging fruits” would perfect candidates for many recruiters, only if their organizational policies could be updated.

Thanks for a really interesting event with fascinating speakers!

Next up was Matti Jaakkola, the CEO and psychometric test guru from Cut-e. He walked us through the history of psychometric tests from Tsingis-Khan to WWII fighter pilots ending with today’s knowledge workers and psychometric robot AI. The discussion and interactions with the crowd during Matti’s keynote was fierce from time to time, good stuff! Matti got a lot of good questions, and perhaps one of the most interesting questions was that whether mathematical and logical skills are prioritized more than other skills in psychometric tests. Matti explained that mathematical skills have a strong correlation to often other skills that recruiters find valuable so his statement was that logical tests are prioritized sufficiently.

After the break, Noora Saloranta, the HR manager from Musti & Mirri took the stage. She explained about Musti & Mirri’s business challenge that whenever they open a position in one of their stores, they get swarmed by applications. Moreover, this inefficiency created waste on the store manager’s time budget and made them work overtime to crawl through the applications. Luckily, Peoplegeeks was there to help!

Juho’s keynote was inspiring and for me, it was Musti & Mirri’s case example which was the most useful one!

With advanced people analytics, some careful business case craft magic, busting old recruiting myths and a dash of AI, Musti & Mirri’s sparkling new recruitment process got over 60% more efficient. Want to know the best part of it all? Noora explained that the first signs are pointing out that the new sales people in stores sell better than the old employees. Excellent!

The final speaker of the event was Chris Chesterman from IBM talent acquisition and Watson recruitment. Chris introduced possibilities where Watson could help job seekers as well as recruiters to find their dream job or candidate.

Thanks for the event! Watson and Chris’ keynote were super-interresting.

He walked us though an interesting demo, where a recruiter would see rated candidates for the opening in hand. The hard part of the equation normally is that talented people are already working somewhere. Fear not, Watson can find those talents too! Chris showed how the rivalling company compares to the target company and what methods could be used to lure these experts to make the switch. According to Chris, these criteria could be e.g. company culture, compensations and so forth. In essence, AI is disrupting the talent acquisition market as we speak. If HR isn’t ready to embrace the change, someone will take advantage of the new technology.


Janne & Pauli / Peoplegeeks

PS. Big thanks to Tanja Lankia for shooting this awesome video from our event! Check it out here.


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