Agile HR

Agile Schmagile-Executive, This One’s For You

Executive – you can’t lead a digital transformation if you haven’t transformed yourself.

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Fastemsin HR-tiimi nousi ketteryydessä uudelle tasolle


Ketterien menetelmien ottaminen käyttöön HR työssä –  alkutaival vaatii valmennusta, sinnikkyyttä ja kurinalaisuutta.

Fastems on tehdasautomaatioon keskittyvä yritys jonka juuret ovat Tampereella ja markkinat globaalit. Yrityksen asiakkaat toimivat valmistavassa teollisuudessa jossa on erittäin kova kilpailu.

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AgileHR Finally Hit The Mainstream Management Media (HBR)!

It’s time for the early majority to join the club!

I quit my job in 2010 because I learnt about agile and realized it will change how organizations will function, how we will work and how the profession I love will have to change. My calling is help organizations, management and HR to move towards agile, networked and learning organizations,

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Building A Workplace of The Future in Finland: Musti Group, Part 2

musti group

AgileHR and making difference in everyday work

Could you tell us about your most successful project where you utilized your knowledge of AgileHR?

“Agility” was the first big project encompassing agile changes.

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Building A Workplace of The Future in Finland: Musti Group, part 1

musti group

WorkingWith AgileHR

With all we do at Peoplegeeks, our goal is to positively impact and together with our clients co-create a healthy working environment. We’re especially proud that, even after a long time, our clients come back to us, ask for help and are ready to share about their experience with Peoplegeeks.

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Miten käyttää vuodelle 2017 jäljellä oleva budjetti järkevästi

2017 budjetti

Järkeviä tapoja tuhlata jäljellä oleva budjettisi, kun on kerran pakko.

“Hei! Meillä on X kEUR ylimääräistä budjetissa, ja meidän tulee käyttää se johonkin järkevään…”

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Truth You Need To Understand Before Starting Lean Change

I love change manuals. They soothe me. They just don’t work.  

Wow! That moment when you get that 110 page strategic change manual, with those amazingly detailed milestones, clear roles and responsibilities, new organization model with new KPIs, a perfect picture of the “to be” situation, and you feel that the work is almost done, you are just lacking a communication e-mail to everyone about this new amazing strategic change, and this will be as good as done… 

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The best definition of #AgileHR (so far)

Agile is buzzword that people tend to use with very varying meanings. It is becoming more and more difficult to know if a person really is into agile and lean philosophy, knows the methodologies, understands the effects and implications of agile work.

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Do your homework if you talk about being agile!

“How could old dogs ever learn new tricks, if they are rewarded for old behavior?”

Many of the professionals working in the agile and lean field just don’t believe the current sitting CEO’s, Boards and executives can lead the ongoing digital transformation and turn companies agile, adaptive, flat and open.

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Tee kotiläksysi ennen kuin puhut ketteryydestä!

”Vanhat koirat eivät opi uusia temppuja, jos niitä palkitaan vanhasta käyttäytymisestä”. Monet ketteryyden parissa työskentelevistä eivät usko, että tämänhetkiset yritysjohtajat kykenevät kehittämään organisaatioistaan ketteriä.

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