Lean Change

Change- The Messy And The Unpredictable

Change is not linear. It is messy and unpredictable.

Ever seen the 120 pages power point plan from consultants about your organizational change? That paints a perfect picture of a To-Be situation, and a clear gated path to success? That costs you half a million euros.

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Changing The Way of Work With Kanban- Case Veripalvelu

Kanban Veripalvelu

Using Kanban – Making Sense And Agreeing on Work Together

For years now, together with the HR team, we’ve been looking for ways to prioritize work, channel the team’s future development proposals. We had to find a better way to manage workload.

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Truth You Need To Understand Before Starting Lean Change

I love change manuals. They soothe me. They just don’t work.  

Wow! That moment when you get that 110 page strategic change manual, with those amazingly detailed milestones, clear roles and responsibilities, new organization model with new KPIs, a perfect picture of the “to be” situation, and you feel that the work is almost done, you are just lacking a communication e-mail to everyone about this new amazing strategic change, and this will be as good as done… 

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