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Peoplegeeks is here to challenge how consulting has been done. We are here to show that future of a healthy workplace can be built today.

We won't give you a handbook on how to increase productivity and become agile. Our work doesn't comprise of giving you 1000 presentation slides and wish you all the best.

Peoplegeeks defines and co-creates solutions together with you. We are there every step of the process: we will find proof of concept, implement tools and technologies. Your people matter the most and we will work with them too, applying data and analytics to drive fact-based decision making.

Our portfolio contains all the projects where we had a chance to drive and support change. We are proudly working with multiple big organizations in Finland and abroad.


Recruitment Process Redesign at “Musti and Mirri”

Business Development, Recruitment and selection on 30.05.2017

Using people analytics and digital solutions, we optimized the store recruitment process of Musti & Mirri. Musti & Mirri are #4 in Europe and #1 in Finland among retail pet stores.

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Facilitating CEO Recruitment

Recruitment and selection on 19.09.2016

We trained the board of directors in effective, modern recruiting techniques and facilitated the recruitment process of a new CEO. The company operates in a highly specialized field and is the market leader in Finland.
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peoplegeeks advisory

Advising on People & Culture for Wunder’s Board/CEO

HR & employment law on 19.09.2016

There are lots of situations a growing company goes through. A straightforward, honest and bold advisory can be a way to ensure success and dodge at least some common mistakes. Peoplegeeks is an advisor for the Board and CEO of the software development company Wunder (previously Wunderkraut Oy), coaching and advising them with management, people and HR-related questions.
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HR team development

Agile HR and Lean HR on 07.07.2016

"Now we speak the same language with the whole HR team. I am thrilled when I hear my team think through lean principles and idenftify waste in our work. The agile and lean way of working with HR suits our inclusive culture very well."
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HR Process Development for Fastems Oy

Agile HR and Lean HR, Business Development on 12.06.2016

Peoplegeeks trained a small team of human resource and finance professionals in modern HR process development, creating a checklist for Fastems Oy to be used in further work with processes.
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Internal communications renewal

Change Programs on 30.05.2016

Together with the Group CEO and local Managing Directors the internal communications practices were renewed to answer to the modern internal communications needs.
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How we Created YLE’s Digital Strategy 2016-2018

Business Development on 20.05.2016

Together with the YLE's core group we co-designed the 2016-2018 digital strategy creation process. Building on YLE's overall strategy Peoplegeeks planned and facilitated the process with around 40 participants. The initial dialogue between the digital leaders was enabled by inclusive facilitation methods and storytelling through the Lego Serious Play method. The conclusive workshop included sweat and almost tears to squeeze the ideas and energy into relevant strategic entities of same scale. With the help of smart and engaged professionals and skillful and flexible facilitation we succeeded. "I am very satisfied with the development process. We were able to involve the most skilled digital experts throughout the organization in putting all their expertise and vision into the storytelling and later on into concrete focus areas."
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Sales Management Development

Business Development on 01.05.2016

"We are allergic to the word process, but after the workshop we realized we had created a process for us. But we liked it, since it was created by our own people, by us. Maybe we will call it a common Sales management practice instead."
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Redefining the Employee Survey Approach

Agile HR and Lean HR on 08.02.2016

The organization had a long history of implementing standard employee satisfaction surveys. For the past years the results had remained remarkably static and the survey did not provide much new insights.
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Leadership Framework

Business Development on 01.01.2016

The company’s employee survey results pointed out a need for developing leadership and there was a need to understand leadership gaps more in detail for targeted actions and support. 
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Lean HR admin processes

Agile HR and Lean HR on 07.11.2015

Developing lean HR- and people practices in a Finnish ICT company (500 employees). Reorganisation of FIN HR and Administration, facilitating redistribution of work/tasks.
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culture peoplegeeks

Culture transformation at a Scandinavian & Baltic Company

Agile HR and Lean HR on 08.07.2015

Scandinavian & Baltic company were in the midst of a companywide culture tranformation and development initiative when the director responsible for this program accepted a new outside job offer. Riina of Peoplegeeks took over the project as Interim Director Leadership and Culture until a new hire was found.
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Organizational change support

Agile HR and Lean HR, Business Development, Change Programs on 08.07.2015

Helping executives make sense of the changing leadership landscape. Facilitation of mindset & understanding of a transparent, flat and more agile organization within the BU's technical ICT professionals and business leaders.
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HR system development

People Tech on 08.05.2015

Consulting with being a link between the system vendor, the client and the external payroll provider in building up a whole new HR system for a client.
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