“Half of the people don’t understand what you are doing”

Something big has changed during the last two years. There’s been “more talk than walk” about the disruption in leadership and the modernization of HR. It seems like the shift has happened now.

Moving from talk to walk, moving from the early adopter stage towards the early majority stage concerning agile thinking, lean mindset, experimental development, trying out forms of self-organization, agile leadership and service design.

A couple of years ago these words were merely encountered among coaches, agile experts, system thinkers and fellow consultants. Now we hear “agile” everywhere, in valid and in not-so-valid contexts. Now everyone are talking about digitalization, some of whom understand it is more a behavioral change than implementing tech. Despite the insinuation of someone being right or wrong, what really makes us glad is that we see and hear progress! Things are finally moving. Early adopters are showing results from concrete cases. We are asked to co-create and get things done with customers. Clients have moved from the internal endless decision making limbo to execution. Yay!! Something really has changed.

It is exciting to be among the pioneers helping organizations in taking leaps forward. So far, we have seen only the first splashes of the big tide of modernization and digitalization coming our way. This tide is not surfed all alone, but with cross-scientific partners aided by technology.

We were told: “Half of the people don’t understand what you are doing”. We thought that was well said. We execute, experiment and experience building the future of organizations, management and HR. We move with the ones who are ready to move. We just published the Peoplegeeks service menu for 2017, there are bits to chew on for you.

Whether you are a fellow leader, interested partner or freelancer who loves what we love, customer who are ready to move or follower who just want to be inspired, we welcome you on the ride!

We wish you happy holidays and an experimental year of 2017!

Let’s be good to each other.

Riina & Pauli

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