Posts on Oct 2017

Truth You Need To Understand Before Starting Lean Change

I love change manuals. They soothe me. They just don’t work.  

Wow! That moment when you get that 110 page strategic change manual, with those amazingly detailed milestones, clear roles and responsibilities, new organization model with new KPIs, a perfect picture of the “to be” situation, and you feel that the work is almost done, you are just lacking a communication e-mail to everyone about this new amazing strategic change, and this will be as good as done… 

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People Analytics Future- Will HR or Someone Else Take Charge

people analytics future

People analytics is eventually becoming a standard practice in organizations – the question is whether it will be led by HR or some other function.

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EVENT: People Analytics for Business Leaders 21.11.

People Analytics Business

Peoplegeeks and IBM Finland came together to create “People Analytics for Business Leaders”, an event aimed at executive-level decision makers, business leaders and people working with analytics who want to build and sustain competitive advantage for their organizations.

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