Agile Leader Day 2018- Agile Is The New Black

Agile is the new black, also for managers. We designed Agile Leader Day to be a learning day for managers and executives. The state of agile report reported that Agile is expanding within the enterprise and that the third most common problem with this is management lacks support and sponsorship. We want to help managers get this.

Why Need for Agile Leader Day?

Agile Leader Day is a day for leaders, with leader speakers, and a 100% leader perspective. I’ve been to quite a large amount of agile conferences. In every conference someone asks “how many managers or executives are present today?”. Very few hands go up. 

This has been the norm for too a long time. We did not see the decision makers, the managers, the team leads, the function heads at the conferences learning about the finesses of agile. Instead coaches and in-house Scrum masters talking about great cases, lightning talks and transformation stories. I love that! It is awesome to go to agile conferences to learn and network with people who are “doing it” in reality and facing all the trouble connected to agile. But something was missing. I was missing the executive view into transforming a business to digital, networked, and agile. 

I guess many executives were lacking that perspective themselves, too. They are not working with team level or portfolio level stuff. They are deciding on organization structure, performance management models, Mergers or Acquisitions, investment policies and budgeting structures. This target group has these things on their plates, and no Agile conference  where to learn and share information and learning about this. Agile, while it is the new black, is nothing new.

Agile has been around for decades, Scrum since the early nineties. But mostly, on team or unit level. Not spanning across organizations. Only now, we can see the agile way of working, thinking and deciding reaching the upper levels of the organization. There are many companies going through a “digital transformation”.

Who, Where and When?

Agile Leader Day is for managers, leaders, executives with operational responsibility. Period. In today’s world, anyone with this responsibility needs to get ahead with understanding digital management requirements.

We have awesome cases presented by business leaders, who are leading change themselves. They have been going through the challenges every manager and leader will face in the near future, when talking about digital organization development.

We wanted to create a great place to network, share, learn. Come and hear true stories from your peers and discuss the Agile adoption from the management perspective. Take your managers and join Agile Leader Day 2018!



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