The World’s First HR Audit Done as An Agile Project


We at Peoplegeeks take pride in diverse client projects that transformed ways of working for tens of thousans people for the better. Guiding principles for our consulting are – “We work as little as possible and bring as much value as possible to the client” and “We always work with the client, helping the client own the development themselves”.
We have just completed the world’s first HR Audit done as an agile project. We did it all upside down, our client loves it and, frankly, so do we!

If you ask what the most traditional and comfortable space of HR consulting is, you’d probably hear the words “HR audit”.  When presenting the client project, we would traditionally set out to challenge the traditional HR Audit recipe: Agree on a scope up front, set a price for that scope of auditing, deliver a report to the client by the end of the project.
We don’t work this way and we think it’s outdated.

Working The Agile Magic

  1. Instead of: The project has a set scope – Our project has an initial scope, that changes throughout the project according to what we agree with the client.
  2. Instead of: Deliver in the end of the project – We deliver parts in the end of each 1- week sprint to the client’s representative and get their feedback of each part.
  3. Instead of: We work according to a set plan – We change plan when needed. After each sprint our client has a possibility to direct our resources towards what they feel is most valuable: i.e. modifying the delivered part, or i.e saying that we don’t need to do another part after all.
  4. Instead of: We will do the audit for the client – We do the audit WITH the client. We validate and get feedback from our clients and the HR-professionals we interview.
  5. Instead of: Adding hours on top of the audit to finish things up – We have delivered much less than expected on some parts and dove deeper within some other HR domains. We stick to the budget and focus on the most valuable parts.
  6. Instead of: Surprising the client with the report- The client is prepared for the findings throughout the project and can already start creating their future plans and strategies as a parallel project.

The best thing about the whole gig is to see a cross-functional HR team succeeding with selling their own work to a client directly, without a sales person in between. In the first meeting with the client, we had the whole 5 people cross-functional HR team meeting with the customer’s decision maker, explaining their own part of the audit to them and explaining how we would run the whole project in an agile way.

Whoever says Agile does not belong in HR is plain wrong.

Client On Working With Us

My evaluation of the final presentation for our HR-team is that it was so successful because our team felt involved in the whole process.
– Client’s quote

Agile is already gaining its outstanding merit in HR, and our client’s comment can attest to that.

”It was very rewarding to work with Peoplegeeks. We knew they work with Agile and HR, but we didn’t know how an Agile HR audit would work, so we did take a small risk. Since we have trusted their competence and values, it was a risk we could take comfortably.

To work in sprints and have weekly sprint reviews also felt safe. It allowed us to see how the audit was progressing. The transparent reporting of where consultants’ resources had been used during the sprints, was also a key component in the project. Lastly, my evaluation of the final presentation for our HR-team is that it was so successful because our team felt involved in the whole process. We are very pleased with the work Peoplegeeks did for us and can warmly recommend their work and Agile methods.”

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