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We are proud and glad to announce our sister company Peoplegeeks AI has been founded! Peoplegeeks has built people analytics readiness for the last three years and during 2018 we saw that the hype of People Analytics is turning into a more practical and applicable demand.

Peoplegeeks AI is our company focusing solely on people analytics – helping our clients make informed people decisions in their businesses. We are bringing together professionals from AI and machine learning, data-science and analytics, technology, business development and HR/people operations to solve your most topical business challenges and grabbing the most important people related business opportunities.

Peoplegeeks AI follows these three values in all our work:
Humanity, ethics and business performance.

People analytics is about bringing facts, data and analytics into the business-, organizational-, and people decisions in companies. People analytics is a trendy word that means different things for different people. Some companies need basic people- and organizational reporting in place, others might need to build coherent metrics about the life cycle of an employee, and create actionable employee experience metrics. Some may need to predict their sales or customer demand and optimize their workforce management or work scheduling management accordingly. Some might want to develop their sales people and want to investigate which are the personal traits or career events influencing the success of their sales staff.

Whatever your use case, People Analytics requires an ability to combine data from different sources: operative, sales, customer, product, service etc. with data from the people systems and applications to form useful insights.

Together with our technology and AI partners we can offer end-to-end services for co-creating the solution for your company.

Your business need is what steers the people analytics application, we can cater to different needs.  We will help you choose technology and AI wisely and use it sustainably and responsibly. We will help you define what you need, and clarify and calculate the business case for investing in analytics. We will implement analytics and bring in the needed tech specialism. We can even run analytics solutions for you as a service, or if you have internal capabilities for the maintenance of analytics, we will help you set that up.

We believe that technology and analytics projects are never just about tech. They are change projects – behavioral change, process change, ways of working need to change. People influencing and change catalyzing is a key element of our services for our clients.

Meet Peoplegeeks AI – we would be happy to hear about your analytics needs. Let’s start bringing AI & science into people decisions! Get in touch!

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