Agile Leader Day 2018 - from leaders to leaders

This day is for leaders.

This day is for the ones sitting on the bag of cash.

This day is for the person who’s responsibility it is to succeed in a transformation.

This day is for the company CEO who is wondering what to do next.

This day is for YOU.

Agile becomes mainstream - be prepared to lead it

Ever felt like you’d really want to learn and discuss the hard, management level stuff regarding digital transformations and agile ways of working?

Do you find that listening to coaches and consultants talking about agile finesses sometimes sounds like they really don’t know what you as a leader are dealing with?

The reality of change in a traditional company towards a more agile, networked and digital company is not a picnic, but hard work with ups and downs.

We are keeping the event small and full of sharing and reflection, discussion and networking. No consultants or coaches speaking about agile finesses. No one selling you anything. Only content from your peers.

A day full of insights, sharing and real and raw cases

Agile Leader Day is the answer. Join us in a conference which is real and raw, with content only from the people who lead transformations and organisations toward agile operations.

We invited VPs and CEOs to talk about leading transformations and organization level insights from their journeys. We are still looking for a couple of more speakers. The conference will be just one track, everyone inthe same room.


Leaders leading agile transformations

Jaakko Hartikainen, VP & Head of Customer Experience Management business at Tieto

Jaakko has been working with eCommerce, web and digital CX for the past 15 years helping companies to embrace agile and create outstanding customer experiences. Former CEO of Smilehouse is nowadays leading +300 people organization and fast growing startup in Tieto which is one of the largest it companies in Nordic’s with 14 000 professionals. Jaakko’s passion is in leadership, culture, agile and growth.

Joonas Kiminki, ex-CEO of Wunder, towards the next adventure

Joonas is a leader who has grown a software development company Wunder from scratch to 140 employees in five countries serving large clients in the software development and IT-domain. His respect for the individual’s potential and self-direction has guided the growth and structures in the organization, landing five consecutive top ten spots and a 3rd place for 2018 in the Great Place to Work ranking. After a successful investor onboarding to Wunder, Joonas is now in between leaving the CEO role and something yet unknown. A passion for organization’s health and leadership development will definitely continue into the next step of his career, too. In private Joonas likes to treat himself with crossfit training.

Kevin Goldsmith- Avvo, ex Spotify and Adobe Systems VP

Kevin has been a developer, software architect, technology manager, and senior technology executive for over 26 years. He was the Chief Technology Officer at Avvo in Seattle until April 2018, overseeing all Product Development, Data, Dev Ops and IT teams. Previously he spent three years as the Vice President of Engineering, Consumer at Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden, leading the development of the product and streaming services. Kevin spent nine years at Adobe Systems. He was a Director of Engineering there, where he led the Adobe Revel product group and the Adobe Image Foundation group. He spent eight years as a developer and development lead at Microsoft in the Windows and Research teams.

Steffen Pihlmann-Pedersen, Business & Strategy Manager in Nordea Global Private Banking

Steffen Pihlmann is a Business & Strategy Manager in Nordea Global Private Banking. Together with other employees he has been working with a large Agile organization development where the private banks development activities are combined under one portfolio of strategic initiatives, called the Ocean. Steffen has been working across Private Banking in different roles and functions gaining a broad understanding of requirements in different parts of the bank. His main focus is together with the core change team, to build a sustainable agile way of working across the bank, that allows rapid business development across four markets with the most challenging and demanding of highly valued private banking customers.


Jaakko Hartikainen - How CEM has transformed it’s organization to Team-of-Teams model to embrace business agility, purpose-driven culture and self-organizing teams?

Come and hear the transformational journey of Tieto’s internal startup, consisting of +300 people, becoming one of the most attractive players in the highly competitive digital customer experience vendor market and achieving great business results.

Jaakko will tell you about the business need and core beliefs for entering the journey as well as the roadmap, highlights, challenges and key learnings from the past two years of transformation. This inspiring story gives you concrete examples how organization can be transformed from traditional top-down lead hierarchy to truly purpose-driven and people-first thinking network of teams with high self-organizing skills.

Joonas Kiminki - Navigating a self-directive work environment – getting lost and finding oneself again.

What do you do when you find yourself in a situation, where you see something could or should be done to develop the company, but nobody owns it and everyone owns it?

How do you progress ideas and get people to buy in and pitch in with their own thinking?

Who gets things done in a self-organized company when there are just a minor level of roles defined and strict responsibilities documented?

How can you use your expertise, when there is no clear boundary on where you should be using it and no clear mandate on who is deciding?

Joining this kind of a workplace can be tough. Joonas will in this talk shed light on the individual level experience, recalibrating needs for people joining from more traditional companies and ways how to support individuals on this journey towards flat and self-organized work communities. Some tips on how to allow people to be themselves with a big heart and creating a trusting atmosphere, and simultaneously focus on delivering value to clients.

Steffen Pihlman Pedersen- Going agile with a bank’s business development, Nordea Private Banking

In this talk Steffen will walk us through the initial thinking in how to formulate business development activities in the bank into an agile development unit, called the Ocean. Business development happens throughout the private bank, impacts clients in four countries and is delivered through virtual, cross functional teams coming together for delivering incremental projects aiming for realizing rapidly specific business value, instead of doing the traditional massive projects. The Ocean has been complied starting with elements from “the Spotify model”, and has plenty of own Nordea-twists in it – including a Group decision adapt also the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) when scaling.  

You will hear a story about the model from birth to action, successes, failures and learnings during the adoption and implementation journey. This is the perspective of the change team, working in the interface between sponsors, private banking heads in different countries, experts that want to be part of the development teams, large parent company HR, management, compliance and organizational practices which are not always up to date regarding agile work. The Ocean is delivering but was not  – and is still not a pitch perfect story. It is living, evolving and develops incrementally.  


Kevin Goldsmith- A Case Study in Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is the goal of agile teams. But what does it look like when we create a continuous improvement strategy beyond our agile teams and bring it to the company level?

Working at Spotify, Kevin Goldsmith saw the benefits of its fantastic continuous improvement culture. When he joined Avvo as its new CTO, his primary goal was to help Avvo create that culture for itself. In this session, Kevin will show what Avvo has done to build a foundation for a continuous improvement culture. He’ll explore the frameworks used to create highly engaged teams and share the organizational and process models that support and empower individuals and groups to own and drive improvements to make themselves more efficient and the company a better place to work. You’ll leave with a template to help you build a continuous improvement culture in your company.

This day is from agile leaders to leaders.

If you know a leader with a great story to share, please get in touch with us.
We are looking for 1-2 more speakers.

Tickets and Venue

Helsinki central area, venue to be announced

11th of October 2018

290 € + VAT – Earlybird (until 15.5.2018),
thereafter 390 € + VAT – Regular price.
80 tickets are sold to managers, 20 tickets are sold to consultants.

20% of the event profit goes to charity Icehearts Ry that supports children who require special support and who have been recognised as being at risk of social exclusion.