Work with amazing peers and clients

Who are we?

Our independent consultants are highly skilled professionals. Our clients expect nothing less than amazing. We have experienced consultants with hands-on, in-house backgrounds from largest firms worldwide, across various industries. They have, for different reasons, chosen independence or setup of a small company. Peoplegeeks brings these great talents together for larger deliveries.

We are partnering with consultants on two levels:

Peoplegeeks Network Consultant = Consultants working under our brand, with access to our portfolio of customers, references, technology, analytics, tech partnerships, certification programs, and the freelancer pool. This is offering experienced consultants with existing clients a great base to deliver bigger projects together with other trusted consultants.

Freelancers = Consultants working under their own brands, and are brought in / offered to work in Peoplegeeks customer cases together with Peoplegeeks consultants.

Why Work With Us?

Because we love the projects we work on. We carefully choose our clients, and the cases. We really work for impact, with clients, in an agile and trusting environment. We we work as LITTLE as possible to create as big an impact as possible. This can be tricky for those used to utilization requirements and pushing hours on the clients, adding on hundred pages power point decks. We don’t do that with Peoplegeeks.

We also love our independence and our private lives. We keep our life balance, take decent holidays and we don’t hang out too much outside of work. We love our work, and we also love our families and hobbies. We are scattered around the world, so if you are looking for a close knit homey-culture, Peoplegeeks is not for you. We mostly work together and with clients, and we really like it that way.

We also say no to clients if we notice the clients are not all in themselves, we say no to superficial top-down driven changes, or the usual PowerPoint circus that so many consultants are doing.

We are proud of being consultants, and most of our selling happens when CLIENTS are recommending us to the next executive. Because we made a difference.


Customer Projects

Transformation & Change

Complex change programs (implementation phase) getting it done with the client.

Agile Transformation & Support

Agile transformation, Agile training and coaching. Agile coaches, Scrum Masters for projects.

Business development projects

Planning, analytics and change support for business development.

Culture & management

Modern, Agile management and Agile & LEAN People Operations.

People Analytics

Delivering advanced analytics for business combining i.e. sales, efficiency or customer experience with people, organization & culture

Training, coaching & facilitation

Professional training and facilitation for executive, management, team needs in a broad range of themes.

Who are we looking for?


Who are you?

You are already a consultant: If you are a senior/principal consultant: You are a capable, independent, skillful, clients value-first person. You have in-house experience, have displayed strong ethical and moral backbone, combined with an inherent interest in generating business and delivering value. You have some niche areas you can lead independently at the client, in best case sharing responsibility of multi-million projects and changes affecting hundreds of employees if not tens of thousands.

You might be a consultant already, you might be tired of the games and the hollow pyramid foundation of big consultancies. But you know if you’d leave the big consultancy by yourself, you’d need to build a brand, have credibility, have a portfolio, have colleagues to support larger delivery. That is what we can offer. A beautiful way out from the Mordor of consulting. 

In-House senior leader/expert interested in going independent: You might look for your way out from an In-House role, you might have customers to deliver value to, but don’t find being an solo-entrepreneur that tempting. Could Peoplegeeks be a brand for you to start your entrepreneurial path? Could a 4-12 month client delivery case help you take that step?

Entrepreneur / Independent : You already have a company of your own and you have a clear expertise in some areas of business development. You have existing clients and proven track record of value added to customers. You might be training in a certain domain, or facilitating workshops professionally. You work with great English, and preferably speak another (local) language that you can work with. You know how to handle projects, and you keep your promises.  You might be very good at what you do, but less good at selling it, or face the problem of not having time to sell your time.   

To clarify: we are NOT looking for one-on-one coaches. We are currently more Europe based, but we have global customers needing help on all continents.

You want to work in larger, and more complex programs, together with other really smart and capable consultants.


What kind of client cases are currently coming in to Peoplegeeks: 

– Business transformation and change in global companies and global units.

– Workforce analytics – efficiency of workforce planning.

– Management consultancy in subjects concerning leadership and management systems, business+people, employee experience, digital leaders.

– Modern culture impact in a whole company (mid-sized or global corporates)

– Agile transformations, Agile development, Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, Agile Training.

– Operational Excellence programs: reducing internal nonsense practices, redesigning operations, including user experience in business-, manager- or employee process development. Operational & Collaborative efficiency in cross functional and international white collar work.

– Training programs in Agile and modern leadership, self-organization.

– Facilitation needs for large workshops, global meetings, team meetings.

– Professional speakers for in-house needs.  


Expertise of our consultants

Business development

Business, P&L, matrix and organization understanding. Mgmt and leadership expertise.

Agile and Lean

Agile and Lean methodologies, culture, transformation, on different levels.

Digital + Tech + People

Creating lasting change combining digi+tech+people expertise. Leading and supporting complex projects.

Culture & management

Expertise, experience and proven deliveries within management and organization development programs.

Business Analytics

Ability to lead and translate business needs into advanced analytics requirements and support the delivery of Analytics to business decision making.

Experts, Trainers and Facilitators

Expertise in a specific niche area including a people-aspect. Trainers and facilitators for needs across the business.

What can you expect?

At Peoplegeeks we built an independent working culture of the future. You are welcome to have control over the type and timing of projects you do. When you become an independent consultant at Peoplegeeks, you have the infrastructure of a larger consultancy, the network of capable consultants, the benefits of working with big organizations as clients, combined with the agile and ethical way of consulting, your full freedom of balancing your life and the no-nonsense work focused company culture.

What are our next steps?

We’d love to know you and your toolbox!

If you got excited and inspired to work with us, click HERE to send us your information!


Let’s get to know each other

Please send us a note with the consultant/freelancer contact form. Send your CV/your Linked In profile. Tell us what caught your interest, why you like our story and how you think you would fit into this story with your capabilities and values.

For candidates we and our clients would prefer to work with, we will send our “culture pack” – telling more about Peoplegeeks, how we work, why we work that way, and if it still sounds mutually tempting, let’s have a chat (telco or face-to-face).

We will reply within 3 working days.