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“Now we speak the same language with the whole HR team. I am thrilled when I hear my team think through lean principles and identify waste in our work. The agile and lean way of working with HR suits our inclusive culture very well.”

“Could you please train the two new team members, too, so we can assure common undestanding in our team?”
Sanna Hokkanen, VP HR, Musti Group Oy (Animal utility retail chain, 1200 empl)


Peoplegeeks have trained and consulted with Musti Group Human Resources team. We have covered agile and lean thinking, user centered HR service design and HR process development. The team is all in for a modern, inclusive and lean way of working, which suits their open and approachable culture very well. Peoplegeeks is a trusted pair of hands for tactical work and sparring partner for more strategic HR. We get thrills about our collaboration with Musti & Mirri, and Musti Group. These guys and gals really get agile & lean!


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