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Mobidiag employer branding

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You already known it’s not enough to publish a job ad and expect splendid results and an influx of great candidates? Yes, it’s old news. Tables have turned and employers have become the recruitment process underdog. Employees are setting the trends for how jobs should look like. In IT and tech field especially, candidates are dictating rules and hiking up compensation packages and conditions. This is where employer branding comes into picture.

Job market seems to be as competitive as ever asnd companies must prepare to live up to the standard. Peoplegeeks worked with Mobidiag, one of the most innovative biotechnology companies, in the midst of recruitments for technical roles. We worked on creating Career pages and job descriptions for all the future roles. New career page and job ads depict Mobidiag’s working culture and jobs and they will serve as a platform to attract and familiarize talented candidates about job opportunities. Peoplegeeks work with organization-wide transformation and change. This project with Mobidiag involved fusion between change, marketing and copywriting and recruitment.


Mobidiag is a Finnish-French biotechnology company specializing in developing and marketing innovative solutions for molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases.
Mobidiag develops innovative molecular solutions to advance the diagnosis of infectious diseases and antibiotic resistances.