NORDEA Private Banking Agile Transformation (1300 Employees)

Project Details







We helped Nordea Private Banking’s agile transformation that impacted 1300 employees.

Transformation team support mid-project

• Large, global, third party consultants leading the transformation on Executive level.
• Peoplegeeks was part of the transformation team to deliver on organization structures, management practices, HR requirements. The large consultancy basically planned the transformation on paper and started the first few sprints with the change team.
• The organization’s change team was left to “implement the plan”.
• Unfortunately, since we weren’t leading this exercise and did not have the mandate to change organization structures, a lot of the practical requirements were not met for teams to start working in agile ways.

Agile enterprise coaching

• Starting up and setting up the ways of working for the first three agile business development projects in the bank, delivering results in 3 weeks that “usually takes the bank 9 months”
• Training the teams in agile ways of working and mindset. “You should have trained our executives, too!”
• Facilitating the portfolio level prioritization (Quarterly business review) with cross functional stakeholders in the bank successfully. “It was amazing to see people from silos take an overall portfolio view together and truly weigh the value of initiatives against each other”.
• Supporting the bank’s key change leaders in understanding the complexity, understanding the differences of scaled agile models, understanding the foundations of agile.
• Bringing up impediments and hurdles to the persons with mandate to do something about them.
• ”Damage control” after the large consultancy left only the “plan in place” but not the concrete results.

Team-level Scrum facilitation

• Facilitating the most important and first sessions for business development Scrum teams.
• Facilitating large co-creation sessions with teams and stakeholders (<30 participants).
• Training and preparing with Scrum masters throughout the lifecycle of the teams.
• Setting up frameworks for distributed team’s work.