Recruitment Process Redesign at “Musti and Mirri”


Project Details







Using people analytics and digital solutions, we optimized the store recruitment process of Musti & Mirri. Musti & Mirri are #4 in Europe and #1 in Finland among retail pet stores.

Before and After

The old recruitment process was time consuming and didn’t produce the best candidates. We started tackling the problem by analyzing current state and building a business case for executives. Based on the business case, objectives of the project were:

During the development phase we designed and implemented several pilots. We also gathered important data on the best ways to optimize different aspects of the process. After iterative development process had met our goals, we presented the results and rolled out the process to all stores.

Optimizing time and resources

After the project, amount of average time required from hiring manager per one recruitment was reduced from 16 to 4,5 hours. This now leaves more time for leading and managing store operations. Overall process efficiency was achieved and the quality of hires was increased. Initial analysis proves that sales associates from the new hiring process performed better than previously. Process is  transformed into being more data-driven. This enables further improvements and project can be easily optimized and duplicated for other Musti & Mirri operating regions.

Musti & Mirri is the market leader in the Nordics with over 115 retail stores and 800 employees in Finland and over 110 stores and 500 employees in Sweden.