TIETO CEM- Leading Transformation in Customer Experience Management (350 employees)


Project Details







Peoplegeeks as the lead change and transformation partner
• Setting up systemic requirements for the transformation to start.
• Management team clarifying vision and objectives together
• Everyone understanding WHY we are transforming
• Bringing transparency into the management team with starting to use Kanban to Business and strategy development.
• Opening the transparency to the whole organization. The management Kanban was opened to every employee.
• Developing a team tool for teams to keep track of what every other team is working on.
• Clarifying the vision, strategy and path forward with top leaders.
• Communication plan for communicating about ongoing change.
• Setting up the strategic development portfolio with the management team.

Launching the new organization evolution
• Co-creation with all the managers (35 managers) how the new organization model should look like.
• Co-creation of management’s new role
• Co-creation of what happens to mid-management
• Working with the CEO who sincerely had not made decisions, but they were made together.

Moving towards helping the mid management lead the transformation together

• Broadening the catalyst impact of transformation
• Launching first teams to go self-directive
• Launching Leadership as a Service to the self-directive teams
• Owning and learning how to hold the refreshed roles of line management and country management.
• Team level support
• Agile training and development