World’s First HR Audit Done The Agile Way


Project Details







Doing a project for the first time by yourself is challenging, but doing it and knowing no one else in the world has done it before – straight up exciting!

When our client, a large media company, asked us to help with their HR Audit, we suggested something unconventional- doing it the agile way. This included the approach that’s not usual for traditional HR Audit, the way it has always been done in the past.

Our principles for this project were:

  1. Having initial scope but changing it on the go based on what we agree with the client
  2. Delivery and feedback was done at the end of each 1- week sprint, instead of waiting for the end of the whole project, how it’s normally done with waterfall method
  3. Changing plan when needed– because we can. After each sprint our client has a possibility to direct our resources towards what they feel is most valuable: i.e. modifying the delivered part, or saying we don’t need to do another part after all.
  4. Doing the audit WITH the client. We were validating and getting feedback from our clients and the HR-professionals we interviewed.
  5. We focused on the most valuable parts for the client– We delivered much less than expected in some areas and dove way deeper within some other HR domains, instead of logging hours just because we need to. Sticking to the budget and focusing on what brings the most value was our way to go.
  6. The client is prepared for the findings throughout the project- no nasty surprises and shocks and they could already start creating their future plans and strategies as a parallel project.


Working with Peoplegeeks

For this project, we gathered a best team of professionals, Peoplegeeks freelancers, to deliver their parts of the project. This ensured efficiency and high quality, as everyone was delivering and consulting in their area of expertise. We would like to especially thank Wise Consulting Finland for great collaboration, partner consultants Kikka Hellsten, Juho Toivola and Sirpa Lahtela, and Peoplegeeks consultants Daniel and Riina for bringing their expertise and making this project happen.

If you’ve been wondering how it looks like to work on Peoplegeeks team, here is a quote from Kikka Hellsten, project lead, and a piece of advice for companies planning to do their own:

“Everyone is so professional and fun, people are ready and skilled, and the work is very structured. I think this is the best project of a kind I’ve been on, and it’s very special as it is done in an agile way.”

If you’re planning your own HR audit, make sure that you gather a strong team of highly skilled people- the best ones from the market to commit to the project. Be very clear as to why you are running the audit, what is your purpose and what kind of answers you’re looking for. Diving deeper into your own HR operations to perhaps find something you don’t want to see sometimes seems scary, but it’s necessary for building a healthy workplace of the future.