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Ketteryys perustuu siihen, että hyväksymme, ettemme tiedä etukäteen

Agile HR

Ketteryys perustuu siihen, että hyväksymme, ettemme tiedä etukäteen.

Olemme eläneet työelämässä joka on rakennettu ajatuksen päälle, että eteneminen on suunniteltavissa etukäteen. Jopa useita vuosia etukäteen tai vähintäänkin vuoden kerrallaan.

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AgileHR Finally Hit The Mainstream Management Media (HBR)!

Ketterä HR

It’s time for the early majority to join the club!

I quit my job in 2010 because I learnt about agile and realized it will change how organizations will function, how we will work and how the profession I love will have to change. My calling is help organizations, management and HR to move towards agile, networked and learning organizations,

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Building A Workplace of The Future in Finland: Musti Group, part 1

musti group

WorkingWith AgileHR

With all we do at Peoplegeeks, our goal is to positively impact and together with our clients co-create a healthy working environment. We’re especially proud that, even after a long time, our clients come back to us, ask for help and are ready to share about their experience with Peoplegeeks.

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