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Agile HR Certified Practitioner Training

We are co-founders of Agile HR Community (UK) and collaborate organizing the awesome Agile HR Certified Practitioner Trainings.

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Programs available in London, Helsinki, Berlin, San Francisco, Sydney, Melbourne and other cities. Find yours and reserve a seat today!



Agile management, Agile for Executives/Boards (In-house tailored trainings)

We mostly work with in-house Agile trainings, since their effectiveness on the organization is stronger. We are training the Agile mindset, tools and ways of working for non-IT professionals and management, connecting it to their own work and context.

We do Certified Scrum Trainings, Train in Basics of Lean and Kanban, Scrum at Scale (R), SAFe (R).

We have trained over 500 managers, executives and support functions professionals into the Agile ways of thinking and working, and serving an agile organization.

Most often our trainings are combined with transformation support and setting up program- or portfolio level structures, getting teams going in projects and helping management create the operations model supporting agile.

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Agile & Scrum Trainings (In-House)

We run Certified Scrum Master Trainings, Certified Scrum Product Owner Training,  Train in Basics of Lean and Kanban, Scrum at Scale (R), SAFe (R).

Ask for information through We’re happy to have a discussion with you on possible support for your agile needs!


Leading Complexity and Change (1 day In-House standard training)

This in-house training has been tailored for large companies to start their Agile and modernizing culture journey though inspiring and catalyzing the correct Agile mindset for employees, managers and leaders.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your plans, in which you put so much time and effort, are not relevant anymore? This is the reality of most business environments nowadays. We are living in a complex environment, with constant changes and dealing with unpredictable events and reactions from the organization and its people.

This training day is for you to start understanding how to navigate and deliver in and with a complex (people) system.

You will learn how to influence, interact with the organization and its people in a mutually useful and valuable way. The training is best suited for people who are expected to influence a bigger group of people, to lead change initiatives or to facilitate some kind of business operations or process changes.

If you are a leader and you struggle with how to “implement” any people-related change, this is for you. Bring your own change-case. You will walk away with a some valuable methods and tools, great peer-support from other participants, plus a refreshed way of thinking about and planning your change initiative.

1-day workshop will help you to:
– Learn how to successfuly navigate ambiguity and work with people
– Truly understand the difference between industrial management practices and management in complex adaptive systems, through experiential facilitation.
-Know what a complex adaptive system means, and that agile ways of being is the only way to navigate complex environment, through experiential facilitation, change and experimenting/validation.
-Realize the bottlenecks in business management, and understand demand based working (pull based systems) in theory.
-How can we create PULL based change?
-Stop starting start finishing – through experiential insight.
-See the effects of self-organization and the structures needed to support that.

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Facilitation skills (In-house deliveries)

How do you facilitate a team to deliver on their objectives? How do you choose between consulting, facilitation or coaching and what is the difference?

We can help you get the 101 of facilitation right. 

Learn the basics of facilitation and get some great tools for connecting groups, keeping the agenda, planning the process for the workshop, focusing groups, divergent working and converging into priorities, decisions or actions.

Many of the tools are from agile coaching and Scrum master toolbox, but super useful for any change leader, in-house coach, consultant or team leader.