Peoplegeeks Training Calendar 2018

6.-7.9.2018 Ketterä HR, Perusteet 1 pv (€1500) ja Sertifioitu ammattiohjelma (€2860) (Early Bird 6.6. saakka -10%)

Ketterä HR on valmennus, jossa saat vahvan perusosaamisen digitaalisesta, modernista, tiedolla johdetusta HRstä.

6.9.2018   AgileHR Perusteet – Ketterän HRn perusteet, ensimmäinen päivä

6.-7.9.2018   AgileHR Sertifioitu ammattiohjelma – Sertifioidun ohjelman “Certified AgileHR practitioner” jatkopäivä (laajempi valmennus sisältää soveltamisharjoituksia sekä case työtä, lisäksi mahdollisuus sertifioitua AgileHR Practitioner sertifikaatilla (asessointi).

Valmentajana toimii ketterän HR:n uranuurtaja Riina Hellström, joka on valmentanut yli 300 HR ammattilaista ketterään ajatteluun ja toimintaan.

Lue lisää (kaikki lisätiedot) ja ilmoittaudu tästä linkistä. Early Bird 6.6. saakka -10%.

11.10.2018, Agile Leader Day Helsinki (390€ regular)

Ever felt like you’d really want to learn and discuss the hard, management level stuff regarding digital transformations and agile ways of working?

Do you find that listening to coaches and consultants talking about agile finesses sometimes sounds like they really don’t know what you as a leader are dealing with?

We are keeping the event small and full of sharing and reflection, discussion and networking. No consultants or coaches speaking about agile finesses. No one selling you anything. Only content from your peers.

Helsinki central area, venue to be announced

11th of October 2018

290 € + VAT – Earlybird (until 15.5.2018),
thereafter 390 € + VAT – Regular price.
80 tickets are sold to managers, 20 tickets are sold to consultants.

20% of the event profit goes to charity Icehearts Ry that supports children who require special support and who have been recognised as being at risk of social exclusion.

Further info on the link and tickets through Eventbrite.

2018 In-house trainings in Agile management, AgileHR, Agile for Executives/Boards

We mostly work with in-house Agile trainings, since their effectiveness on the organization is stronger. We are really good at training the Agile mindset, tools and ways of working for non-IT professionals and management, connecting it to their own work and context.

We have trained over 300 HR professionals into the Agile ways of thinking and working, and serving an agile organization.

Executives need to learn about Agile when they start the agile transformation journey. Most often executives and managers are the biggest impediments for an agile system to start functioning. We have experience with this, too.

Ask for information through We’re happy to have a discussion with you on possible support for your agile needs!


2018 Non-IT Certified Scrum Master Trainings

Scrum is spreading to all kinds of work, not just software development and IT work. We are professionals in implementing Scrum and agile ways of working into non-IT contexts, such as business development, marketing, HR, service development.

We train Non-IT Certified Scrum Master trainings for our clients, really boosting the professionals to start using Scrum in their business development projects.

When we have a large enough group, we can setup an open training. We also serve in-house needs, training larger groups i.e. currently in banks.

Ask for more information